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Welcome to Kushchyovskaya District

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Kushchyovskaya District is one of the fastest growing districts of the Krasnodar Region. Extensive transport infrastructure, a formed communication and financial institution system and the high potential of the qualified personnel are competitive advantages of the Kushchyovskaya District.

Agriculture, industry and consumer’s market sphere are main industries of the Kushchyovskaya District. The further stable development of these economy sectors is largely determined by the available capacity: increase of cattle population, developed crop production and the development of new technologies for growing vegetables and processing of agricultural products. The volume of investments into the economy of the Kushchyovskaya District annually reaches up to 2.0 billion rubles.

The most part of the investments belongs to agricultural and processing industry sectors. Keeping and further development of the agro-industrial complex is an integral part of the investment development of the Kushchyovskaya District.

The district’s Investment Development Strategy until 2030 envisages three main strategic objectives: ensuring the sustainable development of the agricultural complex through technological upgrading of enterprises by 2030, development of the roadside service network and growth of the industrial complex of the district focused on the food and construction industries.

We are open for cooperation and are ready for a serious and honest conversation with a business considering the territory of the district as a place for the implementation of promising ideas.

Welcome to the joint activity for those who are initiative, creative thinking and able to competently use the rich potential of the district, as well as who aim at the creation and success.

Respectfully yours,
Head of the Administration of the Municipal Formation Kushchyovskaya District
Guzev Ilyia Alexanderovich