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Full-cycle production complex for processing seeds

Investor: Martin LLC Project implementation year: 2021

Martin was founded in 2000 in the city of Elektrougli, the Moscow Region. In the same place, in 2001, the first line for roasting and packing seeds was started. To ensure the highest quality and market leadership, the company's management decided to exercise full control over the production at all its stages. For this purpose, a subdivision for the storage and primary processing of seeds was created in the south of Russia, in the Kushchovskaya District of the Krasnodar Region, in 2004. And a modern production complex of a full technological cycle was created on its basis in 2008. At the same time, MARTIN-Trans, a transport company, was created. In such a way, the issue with the delivery of products to the regions was resolved.

In 2021, Martin introduced a kindergarten for 150 children with a swimming pool (the investment volume amounted to 180 million rubles) and 14 apartment buildings in the Cossack village of Kushchovskaya.