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The advisory council on investments under the head of administration (governor) of Krasnodar region resumed work in Krasnodar region

On the 30th of June Vasiliy Shvetz, Head of the investment and SME development department, held a working meeting with foreign investors.

The representatives of large foreign business sector presented in the region took part in the event: "Phillip Morris Kuban", "KLAAS", GC "Danone", "Nestle Kuban", "Caspian pipeline consortium-R" and other companies incorporated into the European Business Association.

- The aim of our joint efforts within the framework of the Advisory Council on foreign investments is to build up an efficient system of interfacing between the Administration and business representatives. Such meetings will be conducted on a regular basis; we will identify each problematic situation manually. In order to tackle business problems and improve the investment climate in the region efficiently we need a full-fledged feedback and competent expert opinion of the investors already operating in the region  with such words Vasiliy Shvetz addressed the participants of the meeting.

The Advisory councils on foreign investments of similar kind are operating only in a few regions of RF, including Krasnodar region and Saint-Petersburg.

According to Oleg Zharko, Chairman of the Southern regional committee of the European Business Association, Regional Director on corporate matters and interfacing with state authorities of GC Danone, such situation can be explained by the fact that foreign investors are highly concentrated in these particular regions.

- Fr om the perspective of foreign investors, Krasnodar region stands as one of the most investment attractive regions. Most foreign companies have been operating in the region for decades and continue expanding their business. Over this time we have accumulated extensive experience. In this regard, the activity on facilitation of the Administrations dealings with foreign investors is extremely important and relevant both for the region and for investors. In essence, presently we have adopted a new working concept for the Advisory council that will enable to enhance and consolidate the efforts of the Administration and investors in two important streams. On the one hand, our work should be targeted at establishing the conditions wh ere the currently operating investors could have expanded their presence in the region, and on the other hand, we should contribute to the generation and development of vehicles for attracting new investors to the region, since the example of successfully implemented investment projects is instrumental for those who is about to take a decision whether to enter this or that region  explained the investor standpoint Oleg Zharko.

The participants of the meeting discussed the format of further work of the Advisory council and identified the main vectors to focus the attention of investors and regional authorities on. Thus, task groups on generation and promotion of a positive image of Krasnodar region, on legal matters and regulation, production localization, infrastructural matters and interfacing with natural monopolies and staffing of foreign enterprises will be established within the framework of the council. The task groups will enable to engage higher level of professional expertise to catalyze the investment processes in the region.

Over the next month each of the task groups should conduct meetings and submit their proposals for inclusion into the overall action plan of the Advisory council on foreign investments for the current year.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region