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Novokubansk district to offer five investment projects at “Sochi-2016” forum

The investment portfolio of the municipal formation males around 1.2 billion rubles.

A project on the construction of a plant for production of sports and child nutrition in Novokubansk will be brought to the attention of investors. The total value of the project makes 210 million rubles, the estimated capacity of the plant – 1420 tons of finished products per year.

The municipality will also offer investors to invest into the establishment of a wholesale-distribution center on freezing, drying and packaging of agricultural products. The project stipulates processing of more than 8.6 thousand tons of vegetables and almost 6.3 thousand tons of fruit per year. It is anticipated that freezing, drying and shock freezing will be performed with the use of the advanced high-tech equipment without chemicals, the fact that will enable to preserve, as much as possible, organic properties and vitamins in vegetables.    

One of the most interesting offers will be the construction of an all-season thermal aqua-park, where swimming pools, a hotel, houses for rent and camping sites will be located. The investments into the project will make 150 million rubles.

In addition, a modern enterprise for bottling drinking water might emerge in the municipality. The investments into the project are estimated at 100 million rubles, while the plant production capacity will make 6.6 million liters per year.

Furthermore, within the scope of the forum the investors will be demonstrated a project on establishing a full blast apple orchard with application of drip irrigation systems and plant protection against hail. For establishing an orchard, the project provides for a land plot of 154 hectares, as reported by the Press-Service of the administration of Krasnodar region.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region