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Nearly 850 million rubles were invested in the fat and oil industry in Kuban in 2015

Modernization and reconstruction of the existing enterprises and creation of new ones helped to increase their production capacity in the region by almost a third.

According to the regional Ministry of Agriculture and Processing Industry, following the results of 2015, the production capacity of the industry increased by 0.6 million tons (27.3%) and amounts to 2.75 million tons per year. The volume of output products allows to meet the needs of the regional population in vegetable oil and also to supply it to other Russian regions and abroad. The share of the Krasnodar region in the production of vegetable oil in the Russian market amounts almost a quarter.

The introduction of non-waste technologies, including husk (the husk of sunflower seeds and production waste) briquetting and pelletizing for production of fuel pellets is a prospective direction of the fat and oil industry of the region. The husk remaining after processing of sunflower on individual enterprises is used by heating boilers.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region