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Krasnodar region to participate in Moscow economic forum

The economists, politicians and experts from 47 constituent units of RF and 16 countries of the world gathered on the metropolitan discussion forum. Alexander Ruppel, Minister of economy of the region, presented Kuban at the forum.

This year the event is devoted to the results of the 25th anniversary of market reforms in Russian and across the globe. Within the framework of plenary and round-table, discussions the participants will jointly seek for the answers to the questions: what changes to expect in the country, and what line of the economic development of its territories to choose.

Krasnodar region took the lead in conducting a round table discussionconcerning an anti-crisis development strategy of the regions at the forum, as reported by the Press-service of the Administration of the region. 

As maintained by Alexander Ruppel within the framework of the event, a new socio-economic development strategy until 2030 will be developed in Krasnodar region.

– A new approach to the strategic planning document preparation process will be adopted when developing the strategy. Interalia, thescenarioconditions for economic development with the specific achievable and chronometric targets and objectives, with indication of the financing sources and amount of finance, will be envisaged – as noted by Alexander Ruppel.

He emphasized that the work on the new strategy will commence as early as this year and will be carried out in a public manner: with the engagement of experts, scientists, public organizations, business community and residents of the region.

- It is highly important to understand for large investors, small and medium business and the public which sectors and spheres are given special consideration, supported and promoted by the government. Consequently, people will channel their financial, material and intellectual resources there, thus creating a synergy effect – summarized Alexander Ruppel. 

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region