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Authorities are ready to consider a possibility of tax priviledge for agrarians in the Krasnodar region

Provided that farmers will use only local raw materials.

According to the press service of the Administration (Governor) of Krasnodar Region on the support of processing enterprises, the Head of the region said during a visit to the canned fruit factory Tekhada, LLC in the Pavlovskaya district. In particular, he emphasized the need to organize the process of purchase of agricultural products from the population, which will provide the company with available raw materials and the population – with earnings. If the chain from a local farmer to the processing plant will be built, it will have a positive effect on the economy of the district and the region as a whole.

In winter, the canned fruit factory Tekhada, LLC have to buy imported vegetables, which affects the quality of the product. In summer, the company provides itself with raw materials from 1,060 hectares of its own land.

The canned fruit factory Tekhada, LLC was built in 2003. The company produces canned peas, corn, beans, pickles, lecho, jams and preserves. The volume of the production increased significantly during the past five years from 34 million standard cans in 2010 to 90 million in the 2014.

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Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region