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Kubanskiy bekon is a winner of the international competition Product of the year 2015 of WorldFood Moscow

Working on the territory of the Kurganinsk district ​​of the Krasnodar region the company has presented at the exposition its trademarks "Kubanskiy Bekon", "Gobryi Povar", "Ay, Da Blin" and "Zdorovyye Produkty".

According to data of the Municipal Formation, the dumplings "Klassicheskiye" and "Kubanskiye" were honored with the gold medal; pancakes of the TM "Gobryi Povar", and dumplings with Adygei cheese and cherry of the TM "Gobryi Povar" were honored with the silver medal. The products of the TM "Kubanskiy Bekon" were included in the catalog of winners of the competition "Product of the Year 2015" of the International Food Exhibition WorldFood Moscow.

Reference information: The tasting competition "Product of the Year" was conducted by an independent expert committee composed of leading industry experts. The purpose of the contest is identification and promotion in the Russian market of high-quality food. In total, more than 1,500 companies from 62 countries became exhibitors of WorldFood Moscow in 2015. During the work of the exhibition, it was visited by over 30 thousand people, including representatives of delegations from 81 Russian regions and 96 countries.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region