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At “Sochi-2016” forum Kuban to present a project on establishment of a pharmaceutical cluster

The production of innovative medicines is planned to be set up in the farmstead Trudobelikovskoye of Krasnoarmeisky district.

It is assumed to construct a plant on the production of pharmaceuticals as well as a scientific-research center within the scope of establishing the cluster.

By reaching the production capacities, the plant will produce 2.7 billion pills, 300 million capsules, 50 million sachet, 100 million ampullas, five million vials for injections as well as 150 thousand liters of extracts and one million liters of disinfectants yearly. 

The investment period for the project is determined, in broad terms, for up to two years; however, the facilities will be commissioned on a step-by-step basis.

The first one to be launched is the production of veterinary medicals, dietary supplements for sports and diets. The production of pharmaceutical substances will be organized one year after the launch of the project. Thereupon the production capacities will enable to produce innovative pharmaceutics.  

The total amount of investments into the establishment of the pharmaceutical cluster is estimated at 3 billion rubles.

The implementation of the project will enable to create 212 new workplaces in Krasnoarmeisky district.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region