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440 investment proposals on amount of 187 billion rubles will be presented at the forum in Sochi

On the eve of the official opening of the Russian Investment Forum, the Governor inspected the stand of the Krasnodar Region and assessed the investment proposals of the Municipal Formations.

In total, 220 investment projects for a total amount of 187.2 billion rubles and 220 investment sites with a total area of 1,271.3 hectares will be presented in the zone for Municipal Formations.

All investment proposals are conditionally divided into seven economic zones according to the Strategy of social and economic development of the region until 2030. Thus, the Black Sea and Piedmont Zones unite projects aimed at the development of the resort and health resort, and emphasis on creating conditions for year-round recreation was made.

In particular, Anapa plans to sign an agreement on the construction of a five-star sanatorium complex amounted to more than one billion rubles. It will include a sports and fitness center, sports grounds, walking areas and beach areas. The complex will be built in three years; as a result, 240 jobs will be created.

The project for the creation of a new health resort will also be presented by the Temryuk district. A sanatorium-and-health-resort complex for 220 rooms should appear in the village of Primorskiy; its cost will be 936 million rubles. An investor has already been found, and he is ready to invest 500 million rubles into the project; negotiations with potential co-investors are being made, the Head of the Municipal Formation, Fyodor Babenkov, said. At the moment, the design and estimate documentation, connection to engineering networks are being prepared.

The Governor of Kuban, Veniamin Kondratyev, stressed that one of the main conditions for investment projects presented at the forum is their compliance with the needs of the Krasnodar Region.

- There is a single approach to all proposals for construction in the tourism sector  to preserve the uniform image of the resort areas of Kuban. Any new construction should become an additional decoration of our resorts. The cities should remain comfortable for their residents and holidaymakers,  the Head of the region emphasized.

In addition, the Governor made mention of the project of the Tuapse District to create single-use products for hotels. It is planned to produce packaging products for hotels of the Municipal Formation and for neighboring areas.

- Such accompanying industries are important for the development of the industry today. This will allow us to respond more quickly to market needs, and will also give us confidence in the quality of our products, the Governor said.

Veniamin Kondratyev also evaluated the projects in the sphere of agricultural complex, presented within the Northern and Central zones of the Municipal Formations. This year, most of the districts brought proposals in the field of agricultural processing and greenhouse vegetable growing. So, a large-scale greenhouse complex with investments of nearly 17 billion rubles is planned to be constructed in the Kushchovskaya District. The Kanevskaya and Primorsko-Akhtarsk Districts provided their offers for the construction of greenhouses as well.

Such a project as the construction of a plant for integrated processing of grain and potatoes in the Kalininskaya District was presented among the others in the processing industry. According to the Head of the Municipal Formation, the capacity of such an enterprise will be about 56 thousand tons of flour and up to 1.5 thousand tons of potato starch per year.

The Governor drew attention to the high level of preparation of the Municipal Formations for the forum by noting that in general, the projects correspond to the needs of the market and the residents themselves.

It should be recalled that more than 900 agreements for a total amount of almost a trillion rubles was concluded in previous forums in Sochi. These are those agreements that have already been implemented or are under implementation currently.

Press Service of the Administration of the Krasnodar Region

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Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region